Miss this, miss out – ISPO BEIJING, the benefits

"Created for China” – ISPO BEIJING is the outstanding sports business event that has been developed to bring together the world’s leading brands to spotlight their creativity on one of the greatest emerging consumer markets. The positive fusion between the modern aspirational new Chinese consumers and the heritage of some of the greatest sports, outdoor and action brands is as exciting as it is economically vital.

The creative global sports business and China have much to mutually benefit from - it is no longer about manufacturing concerns, rather “Made for China”. And ISPO BEIJING is the platform that enables this new partnership to grow successfully by providing a steadily rising number of international exhibitors as well as the information, opportunities and business confidence they need.

ISPO BEIJING, since its launch in 2005, has confirmed its position as the leading professional sports business platform for the entire Asian Pacific region. Over the past 9 years, ISPO BEIJING has been firmly committed to drawing global attention to the emerging Asian sports goods market and its positive development. The show plays a key role in bringing international brands into the spotlight, while promoting domestic products in what is one of the world’s fastest growing commercial environments. ISPO BEIJING enables sports brands, retailers and consumers to connect and contribute to this superbly evolving industry. It is a unique experience highlighting the merge of tradition and innovation, reinforcing and supporting the power of authentic sports business and enabling the discovery of the unlimited potential of this sport-hungry market.

ISPO BEIJING is the only multi-segment sports trade fair in Asia. It offers a growing number of exhibitors and visitors:

  • Numerous market-spanning synergies
  • Cross-selling potential
  • Access to emerging trends and developments
  • Many networking opportunities and events
  • Delivering a quality audience of decision makers and buyers
  • Expert support and guidance to make exhibiting easy
  • Endorsement from international associations. European Outdoor Group (EOG) officially announced ISPO BEIJING as its officially certified trade fair in China and Asian-Pacific region in 2012
  • Strong support from Italian Association of Sporting Goods Manufactures, the Austrian Federation Chamber of Commerce and the Enterprise Rhòne-Alpes International Bureau
  • Recognition by key industry media. Outside has chosen ISPO BEIJING to give Gear of the Year Awards for three years and Outdoor Exploration, together with ISPO BEIJING, present for the most important annual outdoor awards – China Golden Rhino Awards for eight years


The International Olympic Committee honored growth in China by awarding the 2022 Olympic Winter Games to Beijing. Winter sports will experience another upswing as a result of that move. ISPO BEIJING will support the sports industry as an independent partner to make the Olympics adventure a success for everyone.


Created for Asia and focused on winter sports collections. Get connected at the leading multi-segment exhibition in Asia.

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ISPO BEIJING closed with 728 brands and 40,000 visitors and secured the position as the most important platform for sports business in Asia.

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