Asia Pacific Snow Conference

Asia Pacific Snow conference

Ski resort tourism in Asia-Pacific and the management of small/medium ski resorts were the main topics that were discussed at the Asia Pacific Snow Conference 2017.

Following on from previous years, the well renowned international conference complemented the highly acclaimed ISPO BEIJING and Alpitec China exhibitions.

Since its first edition in 2009, the APSC has gained a growing number of participants and become increasingly popular. By focusing on the hot topics and latest issues in winter sports, tourism and infrastructure in China, the Asia Pacific Snow Conference has established itself as a professional forum for gaining insights and providing concrete solutions for improvement. The conference is open to any industry players that are interested.

The 2017 edition focused on the concept of turning ski resorts into year-round tourist destinations, by offering an overview on the new trends and international case studies of destination management and design, as well as by evaluating the current status of the Chinese ski resort industry. In the afternoon, the program moved onto the topic of management strategies for middle/small ski resorts, which is currently very challenging in China. The APSC aims to give an array of inspiring ideas and solutions, by providing national and international examples and input on the topic.

Other topics for discussion were ski-school management, ski teaching standards, and digitalization in the winter sports industry.

An important highlight of the Asia Pacific Snow Conference 2017 was the yearly presentation of the “White Book, 2016 China report on ski resorts industry”, that was launched at ISPO BEIJING 2017. It underlined the importance of the ISPO BEIJING and Alpitec China double trade show as a showcase for the Chinese winter sports industry.


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